Things To Do this Fall

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‘Tis the Season

And no, I don’t mean the Christmas season. I mean Spooky Szn. And things are about to get real spooky with all these things to do this fall.

I love Fall for all that it is and all the cliche yet wonderful things there are to do. No matter how basic someone may make us feel, there’s just something so vibe-y about carving pumpkins while watching a Halloween movie and sipping on a pumpkin coffee that just ignites my soul. Maybe it’s that inner Tumblr-girl inside of me that’s still there and will forever make me this cheesy person who makes everything deeper than it is. But hey, I accept my fate.

Things To Do this Fall

So this is both ideas of things to do/a bucket list for this fall. I’m going to print out this bucket and put it into my Fall Mood Board (hint hint at a blog post & video coming shortly) that way I’ll always have inspo for something to do this season.

I decided a while back that I’d start making my imagination my reality. So, I stopped wishing my life was like someone’s I saw in a movie and began to take steps to make my own life more like my dream life. I stopped saving pictures of other girls’ amazing lives to my Tumblr page and instead began to take my own pictures and post them to my blog here. And I plan to continue my role as the lead character in my own movie this Fall by creating new memories of my own. So, let’s get into things to do this fall.

  • Decorate my room to feel like fall
    It’s so important to have my environment inspire me, especially this time of year where I have school, soccer, work, and blogging. I love walking into my room and instantly I want to put on my chill playlist, grab a coffee, and get to writing the next blog post.
  • Go apple picking
    I’ve never been, and it looks like a good time. Getting ready in the morning and putting on a cute fall ‘fit and then going out with friends or my bf to pick some honeycrisp apples on a crisp fall afternoon? Sounds like a yes to me.
  • Try a PSL
    For you non-basics this stands for Pumpkin Spice Latte and *gasp* I’ve actually never had one!! I’ve had pumpkin-flavored creamer in my coffee but never the iconic PSL. To evolve into my final form of basic b*tch I must try one this season.
  • Make a fall mood board
    I made a mood board over the summer and that ish is so aesthetically pleasing it warms my soul. So, of course, I’ve gotta make one equally as amazing for fall to pump me up for festivities this season.
  • Bake those iconic seasonal cookies
    You know the ones I’m talking about. They come pre-made little tiny circles and have like pumpkins or ghosts on them. When I was younger I used to eat them raw, not sure how weird or not that is, but I never got salmonella so jokes on you, Mom.
  • Go pumpkin picking + have a pumpkin carving competition
    I’m way too competitive to not make an enjoyable seasonal activity into a full-blown competition. Might even raise the stakes by adding prizes, where the winner gets a cool fall prize and the loser gets kicked out of the friend group. Too much?
  • Sell or Donate unused clothing
    The trees are shedding their dead leaves and you should, too. I actually did this right before school started but I want to do it one more time. But basically, I collect all my unused clothes and bring them to Plato’s Closet and try to sell them, and anything I don’t sell I bring to a separate location to donate to people who need them more than I do.
  • Go on a fall clothing haul
    After making some space in your closet, treat yourself a little bit. Go and pick out that jacket you’ve been wanting, or those boots, or that purse, or all of the above. Of course, stay within your budget, but also don’t hesitate to get things for yourself that you’ve worked hard for and deserve. Plus, when I look good, I feel good, so I don’t mind spending a little extra to fell good.
  • Take dope pictures
    After going on a mini shopping spree, go out and take some cute pictures! I’m always taking pictures, it’s a just something I’ve come to love doing, But I also like to go out with friends or my bf and just take some bomb pics of ourselves because why not?
  • Have a bonfire with s’mores
    A classic fall activity, yet I haven’t actually sat out at a bonfire since high school (like 2 years ago!). So this year I want to gather ’round the campfire and sing some campfire songs with my friends and pig out on some s’mores.
  • Snuggle up with my boo (get it) and watch Halloween movies
    But, because it’s fall, there must be fall-scented candles, pumpkin-flavored snacks and beverages ONLY, and of course it has to be Halloween themed. Bonus points if this movie date comes after baking those cookies mentioned earlier.
  • An autumn DIY
    Not exactly sure what this is going to be yet, but I think it’s fun to get crafty and make things. I want to make something fall-themed, probably something like decor for my room or a painting, but we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s to making this fall fun and memorable!!

Let me know what’s on your list of things to do this fall in the comments below. Another new blog post (or two) coming this week!

Okay as always much love & we’ll talk soon.

, Teresa

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