Things To Do Over Winter Break | BLOGMAS DAY 23

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

With Christmas coming closer & closer, it’s reminding me that after Christmas we kinda just have like… time. We have the rest of winter break to do anything we please.

Of course it’s super important to spend time resting and relaxing, but eventually that gets boring. It feels good to go out and do things and to be productive.

I can’t help but to also use this free period of time to be productive and get ahead of my personal goals, which is part of what we’re going to be talking about in a sec.

But we’re also just going to brainstorm ideas of things to do if you’re just bored and need something to do.

Here’s my suggestions if you need some quality ideas of what to do while you’re on winter break.

Things To Do While You’re On Winter Break

Get Productive

A lot of times when you’re home from college on break, there’s just a lot of real sh*t to catch up on. Dentist appointments, vision check-ups, rental books to mail back, and all the other things your mom has to keep reminding you of (just me? rad). But just actually using this time to buckle down a little bit and do the *gulp* little bit of adulting that we’re expected to do at this point in our lives will help your future self a lot. When the next semester starts, you’re only going to be more overbooked with stuff to need to get done, and time won’t be your best friend. Plus, once those things are off of your chest, you’ll feel sooo good.

Start a New Book

I’m so guilty of not reading that much anymore. I think being forced to read so many bad books for school when I was younger must’ve scarred me from wanting to read books now that I’m older. But, I mean, I do still read frequently because I read a lot of blogs. However, it just isn’t the same as finding a quiet place, putting technology away, and opening a good book and being fully immersed. That’s some good ish, and I miss it. Currently I’m planning to start a new book during that awkward time between Christmas and New Years.

Learn Something New

Is there something you’ve been kinda curious about lately? Or just something you’ve thought to yourself recently “wow, it’d be cool if I could do ___” or “I wish I knew ___”? Use this time to get started on it. We literally have the power to know anything we want at our fingertips (thanks, Google & YouTube). Of course you probably won’t be an expert by the time break is over, at least you’ll be further along than you were entering break. Progress is progress, no matter how small.

Travel Somewhere

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not traveling to Bali on my own anytime soon. I am fortunate to have had my parents take me to Colorado to visit my sister over this break, which I’m incredibly grateful for. But traveling doesn’t have to involve hopping on a plane. It could be heading in to the city for the day to explore something new. Or it could be heading to a new park near you when the weather is decent. Get creative, and get out to see something new.

Let Yourself Be Bored

I know this whole list is essentially trying to avoid boredom, but sometimes, being bored is the best thing for you. Think about it: when was the last time you were bored? I mean truly bored, no responsibilities to tend to, 100% free time? I remember being younger and being bored, and that’s where some of my most creative ideas would come from. Even now that I’m older, I still find that it’s in moments when I’m really bored that I create my best ideas. So, let yourself be bored for a little big over break, and see what happens.

Do That Thing You’ve Been Wanting To Do Since Forever

This time last year is when I started my blog. It was hard to start my blog – starting anything is going to be hard. But I’m so so glad I finally just DID IT. I had been talking and talking about starting a blog for the longest time, but I never did it. And I never did it. Until finally I convinced myself that I either did it and rolled with it, or I’d spend the rest of my life wondering “what if” and I just couldn’t do that to myself. And here I am, a year later, and I’m having so much with it. Please, if there’s something you’ve been dying to do and are coming up with every excuse under the sun as to why you shouldn’t do it – STOP. LET THIS BE YOUR SIGN THAT YOU SHOULD DO IT.


thanks for reading as always & let me know down below what your plans are for the rest of winter break!

Much love, Teresa

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