The Perfect Gift to Treat Yourself this Summer: Unique Wooden Watches

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I’ve been looking for a new watch for some time now. The only watches I ever had were ones that were hand-me-downs from my mom or sister, or watches I got from inexpensive stores like T.J. Maxx, and they’d always break pretty quickly. So, I was looking for something that was of better quality, but everything so far has just looked… the same. I wanted something different, like a unique wooden watch.

I don’t really like having the exact same outfit or accessory as anyone else. Personally, I’d rather have something that felt like “me,” you know? Something that’s unique, and matches my style.

Which is why I love my JORD watch. Unique wooden watches are trending right now, and I can see why. I really fell in love with the JORD watches, which they make for both men and women. In particular this one that I have (duh, since I picked it) but I just saw it and right away I LOVED it. When my boyfriend and family saw it their reactions were “wow, that’s beautiful” and then “that just looks like you” and that’s one of my favorite compliments to receive. But besides it being unique and gorgeous to look at (and also being able to tell time) there’s more to why I love this watch.

5 Reasons Why I Love My JORD

1. I can wear it in class

Smart watches are banned in college during quizzes, exams, etc. So that’s why I wanted a classic watch. I didn’t want a watch where I couldn’t wear it half the time I need it – during school. I like the idea of a smart watch, but at this point in my life is doesn’t fit my needs. But the JORD watch I can wear in class when I need it to keep track of how much time I have left to complete quizzes, exams, etc.

2. It can be personalized

Not only is the wooden design itself unique, but the watch or watch box can be engraved with JORD’s engraving service. My style of watch couldn’t be engraved, unfortunately. However most of their watches can be engraved with a personal message of your choice. If I could have, I would have either gotten my name or one of my favorite, short sayings engraved on the inside. I think it adds a lot of sentimental value.

3. It’s minimalist design

I like that I can wear it with a casual outfit like my usual tube top and leggings, or with a cute dress to go out to eat or a party. I can dress it up or dress it down. It always adds a little something extra to the outfit.

4. I forget I’m even wearing it

In other words – it’s lightweight. I don’t think about the fact that I have a watch on, it just feels like part of my arm. I hate how some watches just feel heavy when I lift my arm to do things, it makes me not want to wear it all the time if it’s weighing me down. But my wooden watch doesn’t weigh me down, I wear it every day doing my usual daily activities and it doesn’t stop me one bit.

5. It’s automatic

The watch has a sophisticated self-winding design. Therefore, all that has to be done when you get the watch is simply set it to the correct time. It does all the hard work for you.

JORD’s Story

I also love the story behind JORD. When you go to JORD’s website and read their story, they have the following statement and I find it so endearing:

“The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.”

To treat yourself (or your bf/gf) to a unique wooden watch, you can shop the JORD site here.


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❤, Teresa

A HUGE thank you to JORD for sponsoring this blog post. Much love. ❤

Wooden Wrist Watch

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