The Best Drugstore Red Lipstick | BLOGMAS DAY 14

Teresa Barker

I Decided I’m a Beauty Guru Now

Not really, but with this being my second beauty post this month I’m like who am I. Might start reviewing eye shadow palettes and posting makeup tutorials on YouTube. Seems like a good time.

In all seriousness though, I have looked long and hard to find the best drugstore red lipstick. Let me tell ya, this one is perfect.

I’m naturally pretty pale, but this year I discovered self-tanning (a game changer), and this red lip looks flattering regardless of if I’m pale or tanned. I also think this red will look amazing and pigmented even if you’re of a darker complexion than me personally. It’s that good.

Covergirl Came in Clutch

Just recently this month, Covergirl recently became cruelty free (!!!) which is great news!! I recently have been moving all my makeup over to being cruelty-free only products for personal value reasons. Plus, I love supporting a company with great products and even greater morals, which is Covergirl in a nutshell. ps this is totally non-sponsored, I’ve just been a fan of their products for a long time now and am obsessed.

Covergirl 305 Hot Lipstick

Teresa Barker

Covergirl red lipstick

Let’s Talk About This Lipstick

So this is the best drugstore red lipstick I’ve ever found, and it’s the COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Cream Lipstick in 305 Hot. It’s the one you’ll see me wearing in these photos and furthermore, all month long. I got mine from Target, but you can also get it from their website or [amazon_textlink asin=’B00OW9NJPI’ text=’from Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1343438e-0011-11e9-8a06-e994dc58b451′].


Like I said earlier, it’s the perfect winter red. It looks good on everyone, and it’s flirty & flattering.


It actually stays on so long through so much. I put it on when I get ready in the morning around 8/9 am and don’t take it off until late, say 10/11 pm. And it literally stays on through eating, drinking, kissing, and just living life.

That’s my biggest thing: I don’t want to be worrying about touching up my lipstick all day. I just want to put it on and have it look good.

However, I will say that it does get kinda dry as it gets to be later in the day (which is normal). Additionally, like all pigmented makeup, it does stain your lips a bit red, but nothing a bit of eye/lip makeup remover can’t handle.

Therefore, I recommend putting it on in a thin layer and blotting it. And later on, if it gets dry, maybe touch it up once in the bathroom by wiping your lips to get off some of the lipstick and then re-applying a new thin layer. Touching it up once doesn’t bother me one bit, and after that I can go back to not worrying about it.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m obsessed. Like, a little too much, but whatever. It gets me hype putting on red lipstick while I get ready in the morning. Furthermore, I honestly believe it’s the best drugstore red lipstick because it’s affordable, supports a cruelty-free brand, flatters all skin tones, and lasts all day. Doesn’t really get any better than that.

Thank you for reading Blogmas Day 14, and I’ll be back tomorrow.

Comment down below if you try/have tried this lipstick before, and if you love it. I really think you will!

Much love, Teresa


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