Fun & Festive Date Ideas for Winter | BLOGMAS DAY 21

Teresa Barker

Alexa Play Christmas Love by Justin Bieber

Having a significant other around the holidays is something special. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you get to spend it with the most wonderful person by your side.

I’ve though of 10 festive date ideas that you could totally do with your boo. But don’t worry, if you’re single this holiday season, that’s awesome too!

Don’t ever let not having a boyfriend stop you from living your best life. Grab your sister, your best friend, your new friend, your mom, etc. and go out and be festive af with them! The holidays are all about spreading love, and that love can be given to anyone.

10 Festive & Fun Date Ideas for this Winter

  1. Have a gingerbread house building competition to see who’s the best

  2. Walk through a Christmas tree farm with coffee or hot chocolate under the lights and enjoying the winter night

  3. Go ice skating in the city
  4. Bake cookies and watch a Christmas movie
  5. Go Christmas shopping together, and make a whole day of it
  6. When it snows go sledding together
  7. Put up a tree and decorate it together while blasting Christmas music

  8. Drive around and look at all the lights on people’s houses

  9. Go to a Christmas-y place like a local Christmas market and explore there for the day
  10. Do literally anything you guys usually do but in santa hats bc Christmas

Next time you’re bored, pick one of these things off of the list and have fun!

Much love, Teresa