Summer Haul: Forever 21, Target, Garage + More

Teresa Barker Summer Haul

Summer is here so you know I’m stocking up on tube tops and self tanner in my first summer haul haha. This past week I’ve been shopping a lot and getting a bunch of different things for summer, mainly clothes. I love summer clothes, I swear I was meant to live in San Diego not Pennsylvania but it’s fine. One day.

But I thought it’d be fun to do a little haul with you! That way if you see something you want, I JUST went shopping so it’ll still be in stores.

Let’s just get into it.

Summer Clothes

I’ll divide it up by stores. First up:

Forever 21

This store is so hit or miss, and lately I’ve been getting a lot of hits! In my April Favorites post I shared the jean skirts I got from F21. So, this time around I was mainly looking for tops. I ended up getting this yellow top (below) for $12.90!

Teresa Barker Summer Haul



I actually shop at garage all the time because I love their basics. They remind me a lot of Brandy Melville in their style – simple, plain colors, trendy, and comfy. One amazing difference though is Garage has a variety of sizes, unlike Brandy’s one-size that can be restrictive. However, I digress. Garage had so many cute tube tops I was in heaven. I always find cute things at Garage. I ended up only getting these 3 tops since I don’t already have any that look like this!

Teresa Barker Summer Haul


Teresa Barker Summer Haul


Teresa Barker Summer Haul


Charlotte Russe

Charlotte ruse is another one of those stores that’s hit or miss for me, but right now they have a lot of cute tops. I only got one shirt there even though I had a couple in my hand. But, I told myself I’d pace myself with shopping so I only got one that I really loved which is the white one pictured below! I’ve been wanting a shirt like this with the white and the lace-up and this one is perfect.

Teresa Barker Summer Haul

Teresa Barker Summer Haul

I had to take this zoomed in one since it was a white shirt on a white background… oops


Summer Accessories

During my shopping adventures I also picked up some little things along with my clothing. From sunglasses, to hair stuff, to a new planner. All that stuff is going to be grouped by store like the summer clothing, so first up:

Forever 21 (again)

Their accessories there are so affordable and that was definitely my mood this shopping trip. From F21 I got sunglasses, and 2 headbands. Pictures are below.

Teresa Barker Summer Haul


Teresa Barker Summer Haul


Charlotte Russe (also again)

From here I impulsively tried their lip gloss while waiting in line and I fell in love with this one. I am a sucker for all lip glosses and lip balms. I have like 4 in my purse right now hahaha. But this color was very “me” right now so I couldn’t resist.

Teresa Barker Summer Haul



From Target I didn’t get much but I did get a new planner. My current planner is over the end of this month, so I needed a replacement and found this shnazzy leafy one for only $9.99!

Teresa Barker Summer Haul

Teresa Barker Summer Haul

I couldn’t find this planner online at Target. 🙁

But this planner and this other planner are both ones I’d get too and are v cute. 🙂

My Not-So-Secret Secret Project

Not pictured above were all the materials I bought to make my very own tube tops! Anyone who knows me knows I love a good tube top, as they’re all I wear. So, I decided I wanted to make my own!

On Instagram I already shared some of my first designs, but they’re just starters. But yes –

I’m making & selling tube tops!

Once I’m finished with some better designs, I’ll have some to sell to anyone who wants one. Also, I’m thinking about customizing them with words or colors, not sure yet.

Comment below or DM me on Instagram (@teresabarkerr) or if you’d be interested in a tube top! It’s not a commitment, just trying to feel out the interest!

& that’s all I have for you today in this summer haul.

Again, message me about tube tops, and go make some memories this weekend!

Much love.

❤, Teresa

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