My Summer 2018 Playlist

Music is so important, like it just sets the mood for any occasion. Like if I’m driving home at night and it’s late and I’m by myself, sometimes I put on some song to get me in my feels. If I’m on my way to my friends house to hangout, you know I’m blasting some feel-good tunes. Or, if I’m running late, I only play fast-paced music so that I drive faster (sorry, Mom).

The wrong playlist could kill the whole mood at a party. Whereas the right playlist sets the whole tone and creates such a good vibe. I feel as though some people get that and some people don’t, which is why you gotta be careful who grabs the aux in your car. A part of me dies when someone puts on a song that doesn’t match the vibe we were all going for in the car.

But back to this playlist in particular 🙂

You can listen to the playlist right here in this page! Just click on a song and it’ll play a sample or full song. (Depending on if you have Spotify or not).

If you thought this playlist was boppin’ feel free to follow me on Spotify to hear all of my other playlists. 🙂

This is also totally non-sponsored, but if you don’t already have Spotify what is you doing!!!! It’s only $5 a month if you’re a college student and you get Hulu TOO which has a different selection of shows and movies than Netflix. It’s a good thing to have, it gives you some variety.

P.S. I’ll be updating & adding to this playlist regularly so look out for new bops.

Also leave all of your song recommendations below!!

, Teresa

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