Spring Break, Errands, and Coffee

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Teresa Barker Starbucks Latte

Starbucks Teresa Barker

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Teresa Barker Starbucks Coffee

Vanilla latte with blonde espresso ❤ so good

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Spring Break, Errands, & Coffee

Spring break for me has been snowy and cold but also a really good time. I feel like it came at the perfect time, I just needed to take a break from the stress of college.

And so far, this week has been just the relief I needed. I’ve barely been on my computer long enough to even write a blog post because I’ve constantly been hanging out with different people and doing different things.


I have the week off and on Monday I went to the local Starbucks with my best friend. They recently redid it to be so much nicer and have a drive thru, and usually I’m a Dunkin’ person but we wanted to be more basic, you know? I got their banana bread and a vanilla latte and let me tell ya… ish was good. I may be a little biased but 11/10 recommend the blonde espresso. Anyways, we just had a really good time hanging out, talking about our blogs that we recently started, and taking some pics.

Later that day I went and watched my boyfriend play some indoor soccer, got some Bertucci’s margarita pizza and their rolls (so good), and watched some Breaking Bad. Also shout out to my boyfriend for making me my own Netflix account on his Netflix before I even asked him. :’)


On Tuesday I went to Starbucks, this time with a different but equally as coffee obsessed friend. We just caught up on life since he’s on spring break, too. I got another vanilla latte with blonde espresso because it was so good the first time!!!


After hanging out with my friend, I just spent the rest of the day doing little errands. I went and made myself breakfast, got a pedicure, bought some shampoo and conditioner, got another coffee, and went and got my haircut. They charged me an extra $10 for a long hair fee hahaha. I can’t remember the last time I got a haircut and didn’t have to stand up for it.

I love just going out and doing small things. Whether it’s errands, getting a haircut, getting out of the house for a little while to drive and listen to music, or going out to pick up a coffee. It just makes me feel a small sense of accomplishment and happiness, it’s hard to explain, but I love it.

Then that night we were expecting a lot of snow. Which was not the “Spring” break I was hoping for this week but it was still really nice! That night I hungout with my brother, his girlfriend, my boyfriend, and a few of our mutual friends and it was just really fun. We laughed, spontaneously made some banana bread, watched more Breaking Bad, and just had a good time.

Teresa Barker

showing off my annual haircut hahah

Teresa Barker Spring Break

Teresa Barker


It snowed all day Wednesday, and we ended up getting 11 inches, so we were pretty snowed in. The snow day kind of felt like being a kid again. It was all good vibes. We spent a lot of the day continuing our Breaking Bad marathon, and then played some board games. I’m telling you, hanging out relaxing with friends and not thinking about college school work at all was such. a. load. off my shoulders. It was just a good time. Although since we live in PA and are pretty equipped for that amount of snow, we were able to shovel late afternoon when the snow stopped and our snow day came to a end.

That’s just a quick little recap of my week so far. I have break until Sunday, so maybe I’ll do another post with the second half of spring break events to keep you updated. 🙂

Happy spring break!

Much ❤, Teresa

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