Teresa Barker

My Portfolio

Project 1: My Website





I used Figma to create the wireframes for the website you're looking at right now. When designing the website from scratch, I had to keep in mind that this website is a landing zone for both my career and social media endeavors. So, finding the fine line between professional and polished, yet casual and inviting, was important to me.

From there, I already had a color scheme in mind and fonts that I like, so those parts were easy. As for visuals, I really like curating images into collages (I have a few in frames around my apartment), so I wanted that to be a huge focal point when someone first got to my site.

Finally, I brainstormed a few pages I wanted and what they might look like on varying screen sizes, and then once I felt good about it I got to coding.

Of course, the site you're looking at right now varies from the wireframes a bit because once I got started coding I got inspired and made changes to the design as I was developing it. Having my own website that is 100% designed and developed all on my own has been a dream/goal of mine for so long now that it was easy to get swooped up by excitement and get carried away with adding more and more to it.

The site is also hosted on it's own through SiteGround that I set up a few years ago - and let me tell you, it felt good to wipe out everything entirely from the theme I was using, and replacing it all with my own code. Speaking of which, you can check out the code here on GitHub.

more to the portfolio coming soon