October Favorites: Beauty, Music, College & More

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October is Coming to an End

Somehow it’s already the last day of October. The older I get the more time seems to be flying by me. It’s getting to the point where I’m just sitting here staring at my computer screen thinking “where the heck did this month go???”

A lot can happen in a month, and I’d like to remember the good things as best as possible. So, I’m rounding up all of my favorites for the month into cute little categories to share with you today.

October Favorites

Some of these things I’ve mentioned before, but anything worth saying (or sharing) is worth doing so twice!!! At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Let’s start with beauty products!


Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation

[amazon_link asins=’B01NBU2OS8,B01NASKQMS’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b998f28b-dd2f-11e8-9fce-d97adb22bda1′]

Not gonna lie, I just recently discovered the [amazon_textlink asin=’B01NCVFXEP’ text=’Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4e5dded8-dd10-11e8-b710-af543ff35722′] and it lives up to the hype it’s been receiving. For quite some time I was using the Maybelline BB Cream but I wanted to find something with a) more coverage, b) lower price, and c) cruelty free. This Wet n Wild foundation literally meets all 3 of those requirements because it’s literally $5, has the perfect normal amount of coverage, and it’s cruelty free!! What a deal, man.

Personally, I wear the shade Cream Beige which is a medium/neutral undertone because I wear [amazon_textlink asin=’B00Q23KDOM’ text=’fake tanner’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0785ad56-dd30-11e8-a1ab-5d6ef4283f6a’]. When I’m my natural pasty self, I wear the shade Rose Ivory which is a light/cool undertone. The foundation is less than $5 so I don’t mind having two bottles, which works because as my tan fades I mix a little bit of the lighter color with the darker color to match my skin. Only thing I can say constructively is I hope that they expand the range of colors to be more inclusive for all skin tones. You can see all the shades here on Wet N Wild’s website.


New Music I Found This Month

Each season I make a new playlist and Discover Weekly on Spotify has been killing it lately with showing me new music. My Fall Playlist is still a work in progress since it’s only October, but some of the new (well, new to me) songs I’ve come across and have really enjoyed are these ones:

  • The Less I Know the Better – Tame Impala
  • Body Gold (Remix) – Obi Wu, Wu Dynasty
  • who do you think you are? – Dantes

All of those songs are on my Fall playlist “sweater weather” which you can listen to above!


Suede Boots

Teresa Barker

These boots are my baby <3

I already talked about these in my Fall Clothing Haul I posted earlier in October, but they’re too beautiful not to mention at least once a day. At least.

The Suede Boots I got were $29 from Primark but for some reason they only have them online in black suede, not tan. But I did lots more online shopping and if I could get all the over-the-knee boots I ever dreamed of, these ones were all really cute.

From DSW I found 3 different tan over-the-knee boots like these which is like the pair I have ($69), these which have a little heel ($59), and these which have a small platform ($49). They’re all a little bit pricier than the Primark ones, but do what I did and sign up for their e-mails for coupons! Also check online because there’s sometimes in-store & online coupons on there, too.


Cetaphil Moisturizer

[amazon_link asins=’B001ET76GW,B001ET79H8′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e66a74bf-dd18-11e8-acfe-0b8e21265e2a’]

It got COLD cold quickly this October and my skin has been breaking out because of how dry it is. I needed a new moisturizer that would hydrate my skin but not make it greasy because I have combination skin. So far I’m liking this [amazon_textlink asin=’B001ET76GW’ text=’Cetaphil Moisturizer‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’cdbe6284-dd18-11e8-9d4f-0d01ce646fb0′] more than my other moisturizers. I love that it’s fragrance free, it makes my skin feel really moisturized but not greasy, and it soothes my skin since my skin can get red and irritated from hormonal acne (love being a girl). It just seems like a simple, perfectly balanced moisturizer. I’m going to get the accompanying [amazon_textlink asin=’B001ET79H8′ text=’Cetaphil Face Wash’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’59e54b1f-dd19-11e8-97f0-658cfb53fe33′] after I use up all of my current face wash!


Ending My First College Soccer Season

Teresa Barker

spot me in the middle 🙂 #9!

I know it’s not really a tangible item but this was my last month of my first season of playing college soccer! I’m particularly sentimental when it comes to the beginning or ending of a chapter in my life, so of course why would this be any different. That’s why I want to document some of my favorite things about the last month of the season so I can always look back and remember those good times.

This month we went to New York for a weekend for two away games. Our one Saturday game was so cold that during the first half there were snow flurries and tiny ice pellets, and we had to go inside every 50 minutes to keep warm. It was a memorable game to say the least, and we were so relieved to get our 4-2 win and get back inside where it was warm.

Then for our last home game, it was our goalie’s last college game ever because she’s a graduating senior (brb crying as I write this). She wanted to play the field for her last game but we needed someone to fill in for her in goalie. So, naturally, I volunteered to be goalie even though I have zero goalie experience because I wanted our goalie to get out there and score!! I played goalie for the first time for the last quarter of the game. Fortunately, nobody scored while I was in so we came out with a 5-0 win that day to end our season on a happy note.

October Was Good but Who’s Ready for the November?

Spooky Szn is always a good time, and this October was better than last year’s and that’s all I can hope for: that the months just keep getting better for not just me but you, too.

What was something good about your October? Leave a comment down below. 🙂

Thank you for reading!

❤, Teresa



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