November Goals 2018 | YouTube, College, & More

Teresa Barker

What’s Up, November

This month is a really busy month for me, which is why I want to set some goals to focus on. November feels like the last stressful push of the year until we can get to enjoy the excitement of December.

I find that writing down my goals helps me stay focused and not get overwhelmed. Plus, I want to put them out into the universe (or this blog) in hopes that they come back to me.

My 3 November Goals

Stay Consistent with Posting on my Blog

The irony of this is that I’m posting this blog post a week later than I planned. But, I’m turning that into a lesson. First, it’s teaching me that just because I slipped up and made a mistake doesn’t mean I have to throw the whole goal out the window. I can work on being better and to post consistently, especially because I was so good through all of October. Second, it’s teaching me that I need to be better prepared so that when life happens, my blog isn’t affected by it. I’m working on switching up the way I blog so that I’ll be super prepared for not only the rest of November but December, too, and I’m really excited about that! I really think it’ll work out a lot better.

Finish the Semester Strong

Right now my grades are good and I’d like to keep it that way! Right about now is when I tend to burnout but luckily I have Thanksgiving Break coming up after this week where I’ll have a little over a week off of college. More specifically, I have a lot of assignments that professors are throwing on me last minute because they realize they want more grades for us. On top of exams, presentations, and projects we already have it feels like a lot, and it’s highly possible you’re dealing with the same thing, too. But, I want to do my best to knock out as much as I can ahead of time to alleviate some stress. Plus, I want to work on some projects and assignments over break even though I don’t have to, because it’ll make my future self’s life easier after break.

Stop Just Talking About YouTube and Actually Do It

I have two videos up already that I made over the summer, but I just stopped after that. My channel has been on pause. Which is kind of funny, because I’ve been filming and editing videos, just not posting them. But, I’ve been talking a lot about some new and exciting YouTube video ideas with someone. We’ve finally created something we’re really happy to share, so that will be coming very soon! The reason why it’s also been taking so long to share more videos is because of how critical I am of my ideas and what I create. I want whatever I create to be up to a certain standard I set for myself before I share it, and this other individual is the same way. So, once we feel it’s good enough, we’ll share it. 🙂

Those are my goals for November!

I decided to focus on 3 things because I feel like if there’s too many, no one goal will get enough attention. 

What are your goals for the month? Write them down below, and write it into existence.

Thank you for reading!

❤, Teresa

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