New Year, New Blog

New Year, New Blog!

Sounds a little less basic than the classic “New year, new me!” which used to be every girls’ Instagram captions for their annual NYE picture. Thankfully, I think as a species we are almost evolved past that. I’m just hoping the new wave of middle schoolers on insta don’t bring it back to life.

Anyways, back to the main topic at hand: my blog!

I’ve been wanting to have by own website/blog/corner of the internet for quite some time now, and I’m finally doing it! I’m definitely one of those people who likes to start things on a fresh note. Whether it be the first page of a notebook, or on a Monday, or early in the morning. It’s the type A in me, I can’t help it.

Don’t Wait

While I’ve trained myself to “not wait for Monday” by starting a new workout routine in the middle of the week, or trying to plan less and be more spontaneous, a deep part of me is still embarrassingly satisfied by starting my blog “officially” on January 1st of a new year AND it’s on a Monday. That’s like a triple whammy.

Although, I should’ve done this months ago. I was pushing it off for numerous excuses: I wasn’t ready yet, I was busy with school, I had work, I’d rather do something with friends or family, blah blah blah.

Since it is a new year and a fresh start in a lot of ways, including the brand new beginnings of my website, it’s also a fresh start for my life and yours, too. Kinda. It’s another chance for me and you to get working on our goals, or resolutions.

I know new years resolutions are something that people either love or hate, but regardless of your feelings on the topic, you should still feel like you want to accomplish something in 2018 – whether that’s for yourself, others, or both.

Forget resolutions if it’s not your thing – just get that ish done that you want to do. If planning out your goals and speaking them into existence sounds like a bunch of fluff to you than forget about it and just get to it!

Just start.

Accept that in the beginning you will likely not be good, but every expert was once a beginner.

However, if writing down your goals, planning them out, speaking your dreams into existence, and all that good stuff sounds like your cup of tea than dude I FEEL you. I eat that stuff UP.

But sometimes I get stuck in the planning stage.

The same way I’ve been wanting to create my own website for so long and finally this year I’m like omg Ter just DO the darn thing, I’m trying to capture that mentality and use it with all of my other goals. Like with school and getting good grades, with getting my booty to the gym, with socializing more, with forcing myself not to stay up ’till 3 AM and wake up at 11 when I’m on break (haven’t mastered this one yet but I’ll keep ya posted), and all the other goals I have for myself.

I don’t want to plan so much that I never do.

So that’s kinda why I’m just… going for it.

I hope you just go for whatever it is you want for your life in 2018, too.

Sorry this post isn’t more exciting!

This post is pretty boring, but I couldn’t just jump right into to actual content and be like “Here’s all this stuff!!” and have everyone be like “Woah there where’s this coming from”, you feel me?

But now that that’s out of the way, I’m really excited to share the ideas that have been floating around my head!! I hope you people enjoy what’s to come, BIG THINGS ARE COMING (I just wanted to say that as a joke, hopefully we can ALL leave this saying in 2017. But yeah. maybe change it to decently-sized things are coming?)

Anyways, new and ~awesome~ posts coming soon! 🙂

Much love, Teresa


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