My Favorite YouTubers to Watch for Vlogmas 2018 | BLOGMAS DAY 15

Teresa Barker


If you don’t know what Vlogmas is, it’s just like what I’m doing with Blogmas – but with video. YouTubers vlog every day starting from December 1st to December 25th, and post a new vlog every day.

It’s a lot of work, which is really why you only see the “bigger” vloggers doing it, because often times they have some help. If you’ve ever made a video, then you know how much work it surprisingly is to have an idea to film, to film all day, then to edit. It takes a longgg time, especially when you want it to be good.

But watching their Vlogmas’ makes my day a little better and gets me feeling festive. It also really makes me want to go work on my own videos (hint hint) and next year I have this goal of doing Vlogmas myself. It seems really fun! Plus I love YouTube so much, I feel like I want to be a part of the fun.

Anyways, these are my favorite Vloggers to watch for Vlogmas!

Hannah Meloche Vlogs

Hannah Meloche

I recently discovered her main channel only a few months ago, and I loved it. So naturally I love her more casual, behind-the-scenes vlogs, too. Her editing is so good too. She just seems like the most genuine and funny person and watching her videos is a good time.


Sierra and Alex

Her main channel is more polished, lifestyle content, and this vlog channel is with her boyfriend Alex. They are such a sweet couple, and they’re so real and organic on camera, and I love that. They’re videos are so cute and fun to watch.


Alisha Marie

Alisha is like an OG favorite of mine. From her main channel I can tell our styles and personalities are pretty different, but I think that’s why I love her videos so much. Her editing is unbelievable, she’s the sweetest human ever, and her videos are extremely entertaining.


Aspyn & Parker

I think Aspyn Ovard was one of the first YouTube channels I began watching a looong time ago. She creates lots of lifestyle content, has her own clothing store, has a blog, and is in general a sweet girlboss. Her & her husband Parker live out in Utah and have the cutest vlog channel together. It’s really cool to see her behind the scenes because she does so much!


Keaton Milburn

I first fell in love with her main channel just a few months ago. Her personality is laid-back, her style is incredibly trendy, and she seems so down to earth. She’s a college student, too, and she’s just literally gorgeous and makes such casual yet entertaining videos.

Those are my top 5 favorite Vlogmas vloggers!

If you’re obsessed with YouTube like me, let me know who you’re favorite vloggers are and if there are other vlogmas’ I need to watch. Also comment down below if you check out any of these channels I mentioned and how you liked them!

Thanks for reading Blogmas Day 15, and I’ll be back again tomorrow. Is anyone tired of my saying that yet? Hope not.

Much love, Teresa

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