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Happy Thursday internet friends!!! Today I’m writing from PARIS and that’s just unreal of me to be saying that. I’ve only ever traveled out of the country on a Disney Cruise in 4th grade… so needless to say, this is a whole new experience for me. While I was getting ready for my day of tourist-y things and exploring the city, I was just thinking to myself how fake eyelashes are so bizarre. Like I really feel better about myself after putting on fuzzy thing with glue onto my eyelids. But like whatever works, I guess?

I work at a beauty store so I’ve seen my fair share of fake eyelashes

All the time I see them on people, and some are great and some are… too much fake fuzziness. There’s been much thought into the ones I use now and they are just the most perfect little wispy lashes. I kinda hate how much I love having them on.

If you’re the girl who already loves fake eyelashes

…Then I really don’t need to convince you. But if you’re more like how I used to be and like super wary of fake eyelashes, have no fear, they’re not that hard to put on (after you practice a few times). And warning: they’re hella addicting, so don’t say nobody warned you! A friend of mine actually warned me that I’d get really into them and I was like nahhh… but it happened. I love them. I love my natural lashes, but I love the extra oomph the fake ones add, too. A girl can love both and natural and falsies and that’s okay!

The ones I use are super affordable!

I like inexpensive things because I am def on that college girl budget. So you best believe the beauty products I use are affordable, and I’d only recommend stuff I thought was also affordable for you too! Since I’m sure we’re all on the same broke college girl budget haha (cries).

The fake eyelashes I use are the Ardell Black Wispies! You can click the link if you wanted to purchase them for yourself!

Teresa Barker Favorite Fake Lashes

wearing the falsies 🙂

Teresa Barker Favorite Fake eyelashes

peep those lashes tho

I either buy them on Amazon since I have Amazon Prime, or I get them right in Sally Beauty Supply. Bonus: if you’re a Beauty Club Member at Sally’s you can get a discount on the lashes.

If you suck at putting on lashes like I did, watch this video by Dani Mansutti – How to Apply Fake Eyelashes for Beginners! Also love her channel in general because of how real she is and he lifestyle/travel content is amazing, but I digress.

These are the perfect natural-looking wispy lashes that even I as a natural-makeup look person love! They just add a little something extra for pictures and videos which I have been suuuper into lately! So if you’re trying to up your selfie game or are doing summer photoshoots with your friends soon, I recommend trying out these fake eyelashes. They’re affordable, real-looking, and easy to put on (after watching that youtube vid and trying like half a dozen times hahah).

Remember: You Look Good No Matter What

Whether you decide to try these or another fake eyelash, just know that you’re a beaut with or without makeup and fake lashes. I just think that if there’s something I can do every now and then because it’s fun, inexpensive, and hypes myself up a little bit, I’m going to do it! Which is why I love these fake eyelashes! But even after all the makeup comes off and I have my tiny blonde lashes and natural skin and probably some acne, I still think I’m beautiful. It’s so important to love yourself always. Don’t take lashes too seriously, or makeup at all for that matter. It’s just goop you put on your face – or in this case, glue to your eyelids. I just have fun with it, and I hope you do too!

Let me know if you love these lashes, or what other fake eyelashes are your go-to down below in the comments!

, Teresa

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