My 2018 Resolutions

2018 New Years Resolutions

What’s a new year without some resolutions, anyway?

1) Create
  • Art for my room. I used to do this all the time in high school, and I’ve even made art for my friends’ rooms.
  • Blog content – photos, posts, maybe videos? My brother got me Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 & Premiere Elements 2018 for Christmas, and I want to play around with it a lot this year.
2) Socialize
  • I tend to prioritize school, work, and my personal goals over things like parties and hanging out.  I want to change that and make being a better friend and having more fun my priorities, too.
  • Do more. Get out my introverted comfort zone.
3) Move
  • Exercise regularly as part of my lifestyle. I used to workout all the time for soccer, but not being on a team makes regular work outs harder to incorporate. But I want to get back to that, I miss being active all the time.
  • Move because I love my body and want to love it even more, not because I hate it and want to change it.
4) Laugh
  • At memes, at myself, with friends, with family, every day.
Philadelphia City Road

A car honked at me while taking this.

5) Travel
  • Last year included lots of day trips to the beach, but nothing crazier than that. This year I want to fly somewhere totally on my own budget. I’m thinking Cali? It’s a big goal, but I like a little challenge.
  • But still make day trips – to the city, to the beach, to visit family, and to visit somewhere new.
6) Volunteer
  • I feel as though my goals are all “me me me”, but I can’t be my best self without helping someone or something else to become its best version, too. I want to volunteer at least 3 times this year.
7) Balance
  • Eat something green. Eat something sweet. Explore around Philly all day on a Saturday. Then stay inside all day Sunday with my boyfriend and hang out.

Target Message Board

8) Grades
  • I truly don’t obsess over my grades; I believe in being a student with a balanced life. But school is important and interesting, and this semester I’m shooting for that 4.0.
9) Hair
  • I need to stop cutting my hair whenever a) a big change happens in my life or b) I feel like I need a big change in my life. Before college I cut 8 inches off my hair. This past month I cut my own side bangs. This year maybe instead of touching my hair, I can like try a new headband or something??
teresa barker10) Confidence
  • My last new year’s resolution is to feel good and confident in my own skin. I feel like every year my self view changes by the challenges of every year, but ultimately my self-love grows. Like last year being my first year away at college, there’s a lot of challenges I faced – that I’m sure a lot of other students have faced, too – and I made it through okay. Things like that make me realize how strong I am and make my self-love grow in a way that’s deeper than liking the way my body or face looks, and that’s awesome to me. I want to grow more like that this year.

♡, Teresa


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