Moments From Colorado

Hellooo errybodyyy

Today is kinda like my first real day of winter break because I left rightttt after my last day of finals and hopped on a plane.

So, we’re having a chill day. Which means a chill blog post.

Colorado was sooo much fun, I miss my sister already. And her dog, Gunnar. But mostly Gunnar.

I’ve never been out further west than Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. So this was a big trip in that sense. It’s cool to have gone almost alllll the way across the country.

But mostly it was cool seeing it all with my mom and sister, Karen. I don’t wanna be all lame and get in my feels too much, but I love spending time with them a lot. Whether it’s laughing our butts off watching “Nailed It” on Karen’s white couch (the comfiest couch I’ve ever sat on); exploring the National Park of Garden of the Gods together with its amazing views; Or having Karen try to kill me by death of fear of heights by taking us on this ice-covered hike and making me cry, I loved doing it all. But mostly I loved being with my fave sister (don’t tell her, she might get a big head).

But yeah. Here’s some cool pictures from the trip and stuff.

at the broadmoor. Honestly this was the boujee-ist place ever. v nice

we got that tree 🙂

momma blogger

@ garden of the gods

I took this artsy candid for my sister and she didnt even post it on insta? rude

how aRtSy is my mom???

fed some giraffes and ish

story time: this was after the hike Karen tried to take us on. It was icy and steep but my Mom still came through with the $11 walmart kicks. Balenciaga who?

this vanilla latte >>>

you’re so majestic but I’m also so scared of u hahah


bye Colorado 👋🏻

Thanks for enjoying the mems with me. ♥️

Much love, Teresa

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