How To Get Inspired

Everyone Gets Uninspired at Some Point

Do you ever sit and daydream about all the places you want to travel, all the goals you want to accomplish, all the cool things you could make, and then not do any of those things?

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I feel this can happen because of moods, lack of time, other responsibilities are taking over, whatever. We’re humans, and no matter how awesome our ideas are, sometimes we just feel uninspired to act on them.

It’s natural to get uninspired, everyone does, but it shouldn’t be a mindset that takes over for too long.

Pulling Ourselves Out of That Rut

If you’re a creative type than that burst of inspiration may just hit you all the time and in which case, I’m happy for you.

For me that only happens though when I’ve been procrastinating an essay for weeks. Then the night before it’s due, I stare at my blank Word document until somehow 4+ pages worth of things to write hits me like a ton of bricks. It’s borderline magic.

But besides the panic-induced type of inspiration, there’s other ways I pull myself out of that feeling-uninspired-and-blah mood and get to turning my daydreams into reality.

Get Inspired!!!

A Playlist to Inspire You

I play this when I write, draw, paint, re-arrange my room, etc. If I drive the scenic route, I blast his playlist. Whenever I want to zone out and pretend I’m Indy Sev traveling the world and living my best life, I bop to this playlist.

(Also hit me up with any music recommendations in the comments!!)

Watch Inspirational People

My personal faves on YouTube are:

  • Indy Sev (2nd plug but trust me she rocks), for the ultimate travel vibes and wanderlust. The iconic video.
  • Casey Neistat, All his vlogs/movies, but in particular watch this video (Do What You Can’t) if you’re lack of inspiration is coming from self doubt.
  • Kalyn Nicholson, you can’t watch this girl and not get a huge rush of inspiration to get your life together and live your best life. Here’s a current fave video.

Change Your Environment

I used to re-arrange my room so often in high school that it became like my thing. I also made a lot of artwork to hang around my room.

But after some time, being in my room didn’t make me feel creative or inspired.

If your room doesn’t make you want to jump out of bed and do something awesome, you need to change that.

Re-arrange your room, buy some new decor or make it yourself, create a mood/dream board, put up some string lights, but just change it somehow!

Make it feel like your space. It should make you feel inspired to create.

Set Your Phone Background

Lastly, I always have my phone background/home screen set to something that inspires me.

It’s like a constant reminder to be inspired.

Usually it’s a quote or a scenic photo. Right now it’s this photo I found on Tumblr back in 2014 that when I first saw it, it just made me want to jump on a plane and find it.


My phone background photo

~ Leave anything you guys do to get inspired below ~

♡, Teresa



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