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Since everybody was just SO interested in my insta story template responses (not) I decided to answer even more questions!!!

Haha no but really, since I am newer to blogging and love answering questions, I thought it might be enjoyable to do this Get To Know Me Tag. And by tag I mean I Googled 50 questions to ask myself. 🙂


1. Nickname(s)

Terry, Ter, T, Tbarks

2. Zodiac Sign

Taurus ♉

3. Favorite Food

Ice cream

4. Do I Smoke/Drink

Neither. I’m a goody-two-shoes

5. Am I A Messy or Clean Peron

Messy when my life’s a mess and clean when my life’s together

6. Last Song I Listened To

Something from this playlist:

7. Have I Ever Skipped Class?


8. Biggest Pet Peeve

2 songs playing at the same time. Drives me nuts!

9. My Guilty Pleasure

Reality TV

10. How Many Tattoos/Piercings Do I Have

Tattoos: 0  Piercings: 4! (2 in each ear nothing crazy)

11. The Reason I Started Blogging

Because I wanted to. Long answer to that question is on my about page. 🙂

12. How I Feel Right Now

Very talkative as I’m on my 3rd coffee!!!

13. Something I Really Really Want


14. My Current Relationship Status

In a relationship of 2 years ❤

15. Meaning Behind My URL

I wanted to make something all on my own, so, I named it after me

16. My Favorite Movie

Okay well I classify my favorite things by the things I never ever get tired of, and the movie I can watch over and over again is Clueless!! Cher is an icon don’t @ me

17. My Favorite Song

“Gonzo” by The All-American Rejects
It’s the only song I’ve ever listened to that makes me feel like I’m feeling every emotion at once – love, heartbreak, wanderlust, homesick, frustration, bliss, alive, and everything else.

18. My Favorite Band

The All-American Rejects

19. Name 3 Things That I Hate Doing

Folding laundry, studying/homework, and getting gas in my car

20. Favorite Time of Year

Honestly a tie between Summer and Christmas Time

21. One Thing I Find Attractive in Other People


22. Someone I Miss

My siblings

23. My Favorite Part of the Day

Me time

24. Something I’m Saving Up For

Spending money for my trip to Paris in May!!!!!!

25. My Favorite Holiday

4th of July and Christmas

26. Something I Grew Up Doing

Playing Soccer

27. Something New I Want to Try

Tennis! Looks fun

28. A Confession

Most people in real life call me Terry not Teresa

29. My College Ice Breaker

My left arm is shorter than my right arm. Not by much, but I broke my left wrist on the growth plate when I was younger during a soccer game and so now it’s ever so slightly shorted than my other arm!

30. My Favorite Animal


31. My Pets

2 orange cats who are so cute but so shy

32. One Thing I’ve Lied About

Pretending to like food someone gives me to not be rude

33. Something That’s Currently Worrying Me

Right now I’m likely transferring majors so that’s a big mess

34. An Embarrassing Story

When I went on my first college tour it was to a smaller state school with a big group from my school, and we met with groups from other schools. We were in a big room for a mini info session, and at the end of the 45-minute presentation the speaker was waiting for us to ask her questions. No one was raising their hand and it was so awkward, and my teacher was nudging us to ask a question about the school, and I felt SO awkward in the silence so I took it upon myself to raise MY hand ask the nice lady a question.

At the time I was a freshman, hadn’t really considered college other than probably engineering, so I asked her about their engineering program. She just went SO pale and she herself got awkward and goes “um, we don’t really um…have engineering here…but” and went on to say some more info. But the whole room was like damn Ter you made her look so bad!! And I hadn’t meant to AT ALL and the whole thing was so embarrassing

35. Where I Work

I have 2 jobs – I’m a sales associate at one and a Barista at the other!

36. Something That’s Constantly On My Mind

Ideas I want to bring to fruition

37. 3 Bad Habits

Watching lots of YouTube or Hulu, picking zits, and forgetting that coffee does not constitute a meal

38. My Future Goals

To be my own boss, to travel, to do something new every day, and to be surrounded by good people

39. Something I Dream About

Living somewhere warm all year-round

40. My Favorite Store

Aerie ❤

41. Fave Subject in School

In high school I loooved my AP Psychology class

42. What’s Are My Recent Hobbies

Blogging, Photography, and designing websites

43. Something Random About Me

I’m a watch-and-learn kind of person. Just show me how to do it, and I’ll get it

44. My Idea of a Perfect Date

Anything with the person I love

45. Do I Believe in Aliens


46. My Favorite Way to Be Active

Soccer or body-weight workouts at the gym

47. Number of Kids I Want

Zero until I’m like 30

48. One of My Current Goals

¡Aprender español! Yo practico casi todos los días con DuoLingo.

49. One Word That Describes Me


50. My Favorite Quote

“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.” – Lemony Snicket

If you ever want to ask me any questions about anything, you can comment below as usual or head over to my Ask page and ask me about aliens or ice cream or whatever else is on your mind.

Thanks for reading!

❤, Teresa

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