A First Look & List of Mood Boards

Teresa Barker mood boards

Everything is a “Mood”

Hey guys! Oh god I’m cringing at the fact that I truly did just start off with saying “hey guys”. But it happens to the best of us so I’ll leave it in.

Anyways! It’s a boring ole Tuesday here in the life of me and I’ve been saying “mood” to literally anything I’ve looked at today, so it got me thinking. You know what this website needs? You guessed it. Some more mood boards.

I like to think of mood boards as like mini-themed Tumblrs (or VSCO). They can literally be of any mood/theme you desire.

Like I’ve made real-life mood boards that have been of little things I collected over the years and have pinned to a bulletin board. (100% stole this idea from my sister like 8 years ago when she had one in her room and I just wanted to be her.) So, I use it as a way of remembering good times.

I have a mood board in my college dorm of different images and quotes themed around my goals, so it inspires me. It seems like a dream board, but I count it as a mood board, because being a girl-boss with big goals and loving life is a mood.

Mood boards are like dream boards, except when I think of a dream board I think of something that’s really only meant to be about the future & to inspire. A mood board can be something that inspires you sure, or just a collection of things you love or that make you happy.

For example, I also have a mood board on here of cute dogs. Why? Because doggos.

I already had some Mood Boards here on my site (look at menu on top of the page). But I just recently added a few new mood boards.

I’ll definitely be adding more boards as time goes on because there are just so many moods. And as for the mood boards already here, I add regularly to them to keep the content fresh. Enjoy!






Want to see more mood boards?

Mood Board page here on TeresaBarker.com

Comment below any moods/mood boards you want to see. 🙂

Much love, Teresa

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