Fashion Nova Try-On Haul

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

If you haven’t heard of Fashion Nova you must never have been on Instagram ever in your life. This brand is EVERYWHERE.

A lot of YouTubers & Instragrammers (?? idk it’s 2018 so this is a thing) post themselves wearing it and some of their stuff is so. freakin’. cute.

Fashion Nova kind of reminds me of what Forever 21 used to be before all their clothes had the strangest phrases on them.

But instead of having to tear through Forever 21’s craziness, Fashion Nova is all online! And you can shop through their Instagram! So 2018!

Well, I actually think they have some real store fronts, but they’re in LA and I’m in PA, so scratch that idea.

Why Fashion Nova?

I wore one of the tops I got from Fashion Nova the other day and within only a few hours, 4 random girls ask me where I got it from and said they loved it. So I figured some other girls would want to know where these tops are from, too!

A lot of their clothes are styles we want to wear but can’t find anywhere. But somehow all these Instagram models have like direct access to those styles or something???

Is it legit?

Short answer: yes.

I had delayed shopping through them when I first saw it because I thought it was sketchy. The website is legit and the brand is legit, but anytime I come across something through social media I’m just…skeptical.

But I was wrong! The site is secure, payments are secure, and shipping was perfect.

Bonus: all their products are made in the USA, which is dope.

The Haul

Before I show all the pictures, I just wanted to quickly say that the material of the clothes was surprisingly well-made, not cheap-thin. At their prices, I was expecting quality to be compromised, but again – I was wrong! Quality is great.

For reference:

  • I’m 5’6″
  • ~130 pounds (haven’t weighed myself if 5ever so that’s approximate)
  • Usually a small or medium in tops & bottoms
  • I ordered all size small

Okay, onto the clothes!!!

((I got a lot of tube tops. I’ve got a thing for showing off my shoulders apparently.))

fashion nova What I bought (left) and what I got (below):

Fashion Nova Mocha top.

Fashion Nova Gingham top.

Fashion Nova Red top.

Fashion Nova


Fashion Nova Blue Top.

Fashion Nova

This is the only top I didn’t love. It doesn’t quite fit me like it should from the picture, and I don’t find it very flattering. Wouldn’t get another top like it again.

One Quick Note

The patterned tube top falls down a lot, because it doesn’t have an elastic band around the top like the other tube tops. But with the right bra it should be good.

Fashion Nova

Notice the white band by the label – that’s what keeps the shirt up.


Fashion Nova

And notice how this shirt does not have one of those bands!

Closing Thoughts

I kept my order really small and played it safe with items I chose because I wanted to get a feel for what Fashion Nova was like before going crazy.

I would definitely order from Fashion Nova again!

Much love, Teresa

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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