Fall Clothing Haul 2018

Shopping for Fall Clothes

Every season I try to go out and pick up a couple of things that I need & want to wear. There’s always new styles for what’s “in” and “trendy” and honesty I feel blessed to be alive while tube tops are what’s poppin’. But now that summer is over and colder weather is upon us, I needed to be ~ReSpOnSiBLe~ and in fall haul get a few tops that weren’t tube tops.

Sticking to a College Girl Budget

Did I want to get more things than I bought? Yes. Did I add a bunch of items to my online shopping cart only to later delete everything because I told myself I’d only spend a certain amount? Yes. Sometimes we can’t always get what we want, and while my heart was telling me to get all the cute tops I had tried on, my brain told me I simply didn’t need all of it.

So while my fall haul is on the smaller side, I feel like it’s realistic to what a college kid could spend. I got a good amount of stuff and I think I only spent about $200 bucks, which isn’t bad at all!

Plus, everything I got was something I needed and can use again & again, so it all felt reasonable to buy.

Let’s begin the fall haul, shall we??

What I Got From Garage

orange sweater

What I Got From Primark

over the knee taupe boots ($29)

What I Got From Forever 21

Teresa Barker

no luck online 🙁

  • but this one is similar to the black top ($9)
  • and this one is similar to the gray top ($9)
  • and this one is similar to the oatmeal long-sleeved top ($15)

What I Got from Target

forgot to take a picture in it but the exact one I got is below! ($30)

mixed denim jacket

gold hoop earrings ($8)

& That’s Everything I Got for the Fall!

Do you like hauls? Let me know down below! I personally love them and that’s why I’ve already done a couple of other ones here on my blog which I’ll list here for you:

I hope you enjoyed this haul and there might be another one in the near future with how much I like to shop recently haha.

❤, Teresa

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