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green smoothie = super duper healthy… right?

Being Your Best, Healthy Self

Health is important, and how we feel physically ties into how we feel mentally, and also how we feel about ourselves.

I find that when I don’t move my body a lot, when I “treat myself” every night, and indulge in lots and lots of Netflix – it’s not actually good for me. Even if I think it is.

We have this culture about “treating yourself” and indulgence that can sometimes be more harmful than helpful. But, I also come from a past where I would restrict myself and over-train, just to look a certain way. So, sometimes the line for me gets blurred. Am I treating myself or is this normal? Am I restricting or is it okay to tell myself that I don’t need to eat ice cream every time I crave it?

Practice Makes Perfect

My disordered eating days are long behind me, but that doesn’t mean I have a perfect relationship with food/feelings/cravings/lifestyle. In addition to all that, being a young woman in a world with social media doesn’t make things any easier.

But, there’s still hope. I’ve figured out realistic things to do everyday to 1. keep me healthy & feeling good, and 2. help keep the line more clear for me between restricting/indulging.

I used to make an effort to do these things daily, but now there just good habits. They’re part of my routine. And it honestly happened so easily. From living at home in high school, to living in a college dorm with roommates, to being home again for summers, to staying at my BFF or Bf’s house – you name it! – it’s still easy to do these things!!

Things to Do Everyday to Feel Healthy & Be a Better You:

  1. Vitamins

    Take a daily multivitamin. I take mine everyday after I brush my teeth, but you could take it before bed, with your lunch – whatever fits into your routine easiest. There’s lots of different kinds, and truth be told it doesn’t totally matter so longs as it’s something you like and will take every day. I like gummies over pills so I take the Women’s One-A-Day Gummy Multivitamins.

  2. Water

    Drink half your body weight in ounces everyday. AT LEAST. For example: I weigh 130 (give or take; I barely weigh myself) so 130/2 = 70. So I need to drink 70 oz. of water on the daily. Which is like, not hard at all. That’s like drinking 4 of your everyday plastic water bottles. But it’s sooo good for your skin, hydration, digestion, immune system, etc!! Carry around a big water bottle with you if it helps, like this big water bottle.

  3. Posture

    This one sounds silly, but trust me. If you’re slouching in your chair all day, it’s not good for you. You’ll feel better with your shoulders back, abs engaged, and head held high. When you’re all slouchy and scrunched up, it makes you cramped and sore. Plus, added bonus: better posture will make you look better, too. Both because you’ll be sitting/walking more comfortably and because good posture radiates confidence.

  4. Stretch

    Stretching actually makes you want to workout more, and it has to do with getting your muscles stretched and ready to be used. Whether you’re going to exercise that day or are only walking/normal living, having a good stretch, even for 5 minutes, will mean your body is more engaged in its motions throughout the day, and you’ll feel better doing daily things.

  5. Moisturize

    Of course this implies your face (morning & night), but really I mean your body! I used to only moisturize my legs in school in the locker room before gym class so my legs didn’t look dry and pasty, but never on a regular basis. Now I moisturize everyday and my skin feels so gooood. I actually use a self-tanning moisturizer to tackle two tasks at once, but before that I just used a normal moisturizer. I honestly used to use Suave because I could get a huge bottle of it with a pump for dirt cheap (college girl budget) and it worked just fine! Whatever moisturizer you like most and works for your skin type, and most importantly – you will actually use daily – is best!

  6. Eat Something Green

    This is just a staple to being healthy. I accomplish this by putting baby spinach into my smoothies because I cannot be bothered to eat veggies all the time when carbs exist. My everyday green smoothie recipe is here, if you’re interested.

  7. Eat Something Sweet

    This one is for sanity. I have a big sweet tooth, so if I don’t have a little something sweet every day it feels like a day wasted. It depends on the day/recent sweets on what I choose, and also what’s available – sometimes I’ll make a quick smoothie to satisfy my sweet tooth, and others I’ll get ice cream. Totally just depends.

  8. Walk 7,000-10,000 steps

    This is easy to do if you walk around campus, around school, walk a lot for work, play a sport, or workout that day! If not, I recommend walking while you’re on the phone with people, a walk outside, going on errands/shopping because that adds a lot of steps, or going for a quick run! I use the health app on the iPhone to track steps since my phone is practically always on me.

  9. Go Somewhere

    This also helps with the whole 10,000-steps-a-day thing. Now, if you have work or class or plans, this one’s easy to check off. But, some days there’s just nothing on the books. Or maybe you work from home, so it’s easy to not leave the house all day. Personally, I go crazy staying cooped up all day and I am an introverted home-body, so that’s saying something haha. Even if it’s something small like getting a coffee from Dunkin’, it’s still getting out of the house for a small while. It feels like a small accomplishment for the day. It clears your head. Or, maybe go big and make some plans with friends for lunch, for a photoshoot, for a party, for anything! Whether you have all day to fill or only a free 30 minutes, step outside for a while.

These are things I really do every day

I would never suggest doing something to you if I didn’t do it myself. Everything about my site, especially wellness posts, is meant to be genuine and realistic. We all just want to feel our best and look our best, and hopefully these daily habits of mine will become daily habits of yours!

Let me know in the comments what healthy habits you use daily, I always am looking for ways to improve!

As always, much love, and be your (best) self.

❤, Teresa


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