Creating a Fall You’ll Love

When I think about what would need to happen for me to feel like this was the best fall ever, a couple of things come to mind.

First, Embracing My Inner Tumblr Girl

For years I have tried to repress her inside of me, hoping that I wasn’t as sappy and sentimental as it seemed, but I’ve decided I can’t keep going on that way. I must set her free, regardless of how much it makes me cringe sometimes. You can take the girl out of tumblr, but you can’t take tumblr out of the girl.

No but seriously, what does that all mean? It means that it’s okay if a good time to me is going out and doing festive fall activities and just absorbing all of the good vibes and all of the feels from that moment. It means allowing myself to just enjoy all the pumpkin flavored things without being preoccupied with being labeled as “basic” because who the hell cares. It’s a flavor, people. And it means feeling excited, not embarrassed, about wanting to wear the most autumn-y outfit ever alongside my friends picking apples on a crisp fall afternoon while taking cute pictures.

I feel like a lot of times I’ve been made out to feel lame for hoping to do anything remotely cheesy. Or, maybe no one ever actually cared, and I simply created all of that judgement in my mind. Regardless, for too long I’ve withheld myself from doing things that seem like fun to me. Deep down I’m dying to go out and do all these cliché fall festivities. And you know what, that’s okay. Here’s to being sentimental and basic if it means it makes me happy.

I’m also Trying to Just Say “Yes” and Figure it Out Later

I have a long bucket list as it is, but life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans. For example, just last month a couple of friends I met at my new school we’re having a party, and some of my closer friends and I wanted to go.

We had no idea how we were going to get there, who was all going, let alone what we were gonna wear or if we could get ready in time since we were coming home from an away game. Usually, as someone who likes plans, I wouldn’t have gone because of the lack of planning and feeling rushed on time. But, I’m working on saying “yes” to things I’d usually say “no” to, and I’m so happy that I decided to go.

I had an amazing time and met so many new people that I wouldn’t have if I had decided to just go home. This “yes” attitude is one I’m carrying with me this whole autumn season, and I know it’s going to be a lot of fun.

When something comes up, I say “yes”, drop whatever I was doing, and go do that thing. 9 times out of 10, I can finish whatever I was doing later that evening or it can wait until the next day, so I don’t let that stop me. I make it work for me, and so far it’s been really good.

I’m just trying to create a life I truly love. And you know what? I’ll think I’ll start by creating my dream Fall.

much love,

♥️, Teresa

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