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Here’s the Truth

I came up with lots of ideas for gift ideas for him, because of this one simple fact. And I will stand by this sentiment until the day I take my last breath: boys are harder to shop for than girls.

I think most guys will disagree and say that females are the harder sex to get gifts for, but how?? Literally we’re much easier to please. Get us a candle, a hand-written letter, a nice dinner out, or like jewelry. My sister said something that cracked me up as we were driving back to her house from the airport. We were having this discussion and we both agreed that jewelry is the easiest get-out-of-jail-free gift for a guy, because “I’m never going to be mad at you for getting me some, like, diamond earrings.” And honestly, I felt that. Literally boys just hit up your local Kohl’s and pick something out from the jewelry section if you’re stuck.

But like, what’s the jewelry equivalent for boys? I know there’s guys that do wear jewelry like chains, earrings, watches, etc. But I don’t feel like the majority of them do. Just my personal observation.

I know every “Gifts for Him” post ever assumes guys want some rugged version of a normal item: e.g. I was at Macy’s and saw a “Back-scratcher for him that was literally in the shape of a rake. Which, was kinda cute and quirky, but also like, no?

Here are some better ideas for what to get your boyfriend/guy in your life

Of course every guy is different, but I still feel like these ideas are more realistic than a rake for a back-scratcher. And even if these specific ideas aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, they should sparks some new ideas you maybe haven’t thought of!

Christmas Gifts for Him

  • Something from His “secret Wishlist”
    • Sometimes gift ideas are hidden between the lines. For this gift, get him something he keeps mentioning he wants but never gets himself. Tip: Pay close attention to what he says the next couple of days, it could be something said in passing but it also shows you really listen to him.
  • Something Sporty
    • If he’s into sports, whether playing or watching, get a gift related to his favorite sport – a game ball, tickets to go watch a game, attire, new shoes/cleats, a [amazon_textlink asin=’B07GZ495DL’ text=’jersey ‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’11a0d2c6-ff0d-11e8-8888-e7eb8fda334e’]of his favorite player, etc.
  • Lots of Little Things
    • If you’re stuck on one big gift to get him, instead try a gift box of a few of his favorite little things. Fill it with his favorite snacks,, something to wear like a shirt/sweater, an accessory like a [amazon_textlink asin=’B071J3XJ2T’ text=’watch’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fdad29bc-ff0a-11e8-b499-cb3d81e201e3′]/[amazon_textlink asin=’B074NVTJ4S’ text=’wallet’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2113d0c0-ff0b-11e8-9ca9-83cd32eff3db’]/scarf, and something fun like a new[amazon_textlink asin=’B07HFRTM2Q’ text=’ Xbox game’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’171f7282-ff0b-11e8-8dcd-3578ab56ff96′].
  • New Clothes + Dinner Date
    • I know it’s traditional for the guy to take his lady out, but if you want to be treated like a queen you need to treat him like a king (sorry that was cringey af). So, get him a nice outfit and reservations for a nice restaurant with good food in your town or nearby city. Tip: try to pick out clothes from his favorite store and restaurant with food he loves, even if it’s not your favorite.

More Gift Ideas for Him

  • A Scavenger Hunt
    • Make him work for his gift by planning out 5 to 10 clues he has to follow to reach his gift, and then have his present waiting for him at the finish line. It’s fun and cute, and it’s definitely something he’ll remember.
  • Create a CD/Playlist for Him of Songs He’ll Love
    • It could be to fit a certain mood, like maybe you two cook a lot together and need good background music, or it could be sweet/love songs that remind you of him.
  • Something to Help With His Goals
    • Some examples: if he wants to get in better shape, get him a [amazon_textlink asin=’B01K9S260E’ text=’Fitbit’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5caaa379-ff0b-11e8-b4d0-136246d9592c’]; if he wants to learn how to do something, buy him a book on it; if he wants to become a better musician/filmmaker/artist, buy him supplies or equipment to help him along. Amazon is perfect for this. Plus, a relationship is also about growing together as individuals, and showing him you care about his success and happiness is important, and he’ll love the support.
  • Something Boujee
    • If he’s into that kind of style. This would basically mean you get him one big gift like a high-end watch, brand-name sweater, driving gloves, [amazon_textlink asin=’B07792FPJM’ text=’wallet and key ring’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4c1b5f67-ff0d-11e8-bb4c-6d874d2e6d35′], etc. I guess this would kind of be the equivalent to jewelry for men.
  • Something Basic
    • If you’re truly stuck, get him something that you can’t really go wrong with. Cologne, [amazon_textlink asin=’B07JLJBZH8′ text=’a coffee mug’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7c097e55-ff0b-11e8-b2cf-c9ac88cd9f8f’] with coffee, a new sweater, a wallet, a scarf, etc. But please, avoid a gift card if you can, because you’re better than that.

Even More Gift Ideas for Him

[amazon_link asins=’B017419QXE,B076FTLK6D,B010TR5X1E,B074N2Y15P,B06XCM9LJ4,B01MQWUXZS,B075M59ZB7,B01KX9BH0O’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’AKIAJUCN5NJUOY4TCVCA’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’108df818-ff0c-11e8-820a-7b6da7b68792′]

Those are all the ideas I have for you!

Hopefully this makes shopping for your guy a little easier. Let me know what other gift ideas for him that you guys have!

Much love, Teresa


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