Starting Over

If You’re New Here, Let Me Fill You In So I started this blog on January 1, 2018. New Year’s Day. Launching it that day was important to me because… View Post

Thoughts on Success and Happiness

The other morning I started my day like every other – by opening up Twitter. I usually go on there to wake my eyes up a little bit and keep… View Post

Getting Into the Gym & Lifting Weights

If we’re being honest (and we definitely are) When I think about what my day-to-day life looks like, it looks a little like this: School, soccer, homework, hang with Erick,… View Post

I Got Married!

We’re Married! On Saturday March 2, 2019 Erick and I got married! It’s been a little over a month since we both said “I do,” and we’re both so so… View Post

Taking Care of Yourself During the Holidays

Let’s Talk About ~mental health~ Tonight we’re gonna get a little real. Christmas is only a few days away, which means lots of the following: time spent with family last-minute… View Post

Moments From Colorado

Hellooo errybodyyy Today is kinda like my first real day of winter break because I left rightttt after my last day of finals and hopped on a plane. So, we’re… View Post

Choosing Happiness in Everyday Life

Thoughts Recently I’ve been consumed with the thought of thoughts. A thought comes in and out of our minds so quickly, to the point that many of our thoughts go… View Post

What Being Your (Best) Self Means

Be Your (Best) Self The slogan of my blog is “Be Your (Best) Self”. It’s written on my homepage, right underneath my name. Maybe you’ve seen it before, or maybe… View Post

How To Survive Finals Week

How To Survive Finals Week: Written by a Student, for a Student It’s the most wonderful time of the year… besides the fact that it’s finals szn. Professors are piling… View Post

Life Update: College, Traveling & Mental Health

Hey what’s up hello I’ve been in the mood to get real. To share a little bit about what’s going on in my life and open up to you. You… View Post

October Favorites: Beauty, Music, College & More

October is Coming to an End Somehow it’s already the last day of October. The older I get the more time seems to be flying by me. It’s getting to… View Post

Best Fall Feelings

Picture This You walk outside on a cool morning, it’s early and the sun is softly shining, the leaves are rustling their new orange and yellow hues, you take a… View Post