Casual Life Chats & MY BIG SURPRISE | BLOGMAS DAY 10


Wow, I can’t believe we’re already 10 days into blogmas! I’ve done a lot of polished & edited writing, which I really do love. But I wanted to tone it down a notch today. I’m pushing back today’s previously planned blog post to bring you a more freestyle, journal-like post today. Super casual, super chatty – a casual life chat, if you will.

So, grab some coffee, get cozy, and let’s get to it.

~Life Chats with Terry~

How’s your day been?

Personally, I’ve had a pretty good day. I’m actually sick, nothing crazy.  But I’m going to the doctors to get some antibiotics today. Hopefully this sinus infection peaces out of me pretty soon.

Today I had a biiiig to do list. Usually I’d feel overwhelmed by it, but instead I’m looking at it as my very last push before I’m DONE with this semester and can get into break mode.

Here’s everything I had to do today:

  • a Python programming project
  • discrete mathematics problem set
  • write a commemorative speech for public speaking final… which i’m presenting tomorrow… fun
  • study for my spanish final tomorrow… which i haven’t studied for at all yet… also fun
  • publish blogmas day 10
  • take some pictures for my blog & insta
  • another short writing assignment for public speaking

aaaand if there was any time left after all that I wanted to do some laundry, pack for my trip, and work on that surprise (!!!)

How ambitious of me.

What I’ve actually accomplished (so far) today:

  • did my programming assignment in Pythondid my discretely math homework
  • wrote half my speech
  • printed out my spanish study guide but didn’t get much farther than that
  • check instagram and pinterest a lot
  • showered
  • ate some food and drank some coffee
  • aaaand made it to my doctors appointment
Tonight’s gonna be fun.

So, yeah, clearly not my most productive day but also not an unproductive day? idk? I still have a lot to do tonight but realistically my main priorities are that speech and studying for my spanish final.

fortunately I have a really good spanish tutor (hola Erick) who I force to, eh, i mean, ask to help me study mi vocabulario.

Usually I’d be super nervous for my public speaking speech tomorrow, but i gave myself a little reality check. when you put it in perspective, this is my last speech i’m being forced to write and present for that class. Once i’m done that 4-5 minute speech tomorrow, i am DONE with that class. that’s music to my ears. :’)


If you read this post from a couple days ago then you know i promised you guys a surprise! i hadn’t announced it yet because i was waiting on a few last things buuuut here it is!

Starting This Month: I’M MAKING VIDEOS!

I did a poll a while ago on instagram and literally almost everyone voted they’d rather see videos than read blog posts.

And i get it. i love youtube, too.

That’s why i’m bringing back my channel from the dead and i’ll be sharing my first video (of many!) reallllllly soon. I’m not gonna say exactly when yet because we know i’m always late, so I don’t wanna get your hopes up just to then knock them down later. See, at least i’m honest that i suck with time.

But like, when are videos coming??

Okay so I can 100% promise that the first (new) video will be posted this month, ideally by Christmas, and then we’ll figure out some kind of schedule after that.

I also want to add a huge thank you to YOU for reading my blog and supporting me with what I create, and i’m excited to be able to create more for you 🙂

While you wait for the new videos, here are my old ones from the summer you can watch, and subscribe to my channel here.

Comment below any videos you want to see,

& i’ll see you tomorrow for another Blogmas post

❤, Teresa

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