Best Fall Feelings

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Picture This

You walk outside on a cool morning, it’s early and the sun is softly shining, the leaves are rustling their new orange and yellow hues, you take a deep breath and your lungs fill with crisp fall air, and you get all warm and fuzzy on the inside because it just feels like Fall.

That’s the kind of feeling that I’m talking about. I’m one of those people who picks up on feelings/moods/vibes innately, and maybe you are, too.

And, for better or for worse, I’m also a super sentimental person who feels everything deeply, which again maybe you are, too.

But I’m Here to Put My Powers to Good Use

And share with you some of my favorite feelings from the season. Hopefully you’re ready to get in your feels and be lame and sentimental with me. I’ve tried to capture all of the senses and sounds of the moments where I have these good feelings, which I think I did. If I sound like a Tumblr poem, well, you have full permission to roast me in the comments because I had it coming.

Best Fall Feelings 

Sitting by a warm fire on a chilly evening

The sky is dark besides the light emanating from the moon and stars. The wind blows, and it feels cool on your hands and face but the heat from the fire is creating the perfect balance by keeping you warm. If the fire wasn’t enough, you have the comforting presence of people you love around you sharing stories and laughing to warm you from the inside. It’s so peaceful out, and it feels like you could sit there all night listening to the fire crackle and watching the flames dance in every direction.

Waking Up on an Early Fall Morning

Your eyes open slowly before your phone alarm even sounds off, and the early morning light coming from the window meets your eyes. You get up, slide on your slippers and throw on a hoodie, and go about your morning at a relaxing pace. Everything feels calm, your mind is still, and the only rustling going on is from the leaves on the trees. Then you make your way downstairs, and find you’re the first one awake. You make a cozy cup of coffee, and sit down to sip it slowly while looking out the window at the vibrantly colored leaves. The morning is yours.

Coming Home After a Bonfire

Walking in to your room, turning on a light, and closing the door behind you. Your room is slightly chilly, and you go to take off your hoodie and as your peel it over your head, you take in a deep breath. The aroma of the firewood still lingers on your hoodie, and it reminds you of the amazing night you just had with your closest friends.

Thanksgiving Morning

In the kitchen, your mom is already running around the kitchen to prep all of the food for the night’s meal. The mixture of sweet and savory smells fills your nose as you try to figure out what it is she’s cooking, when the scent of cinnamon takes over, and your stomach begins rumbling. The timer on the oven beeps, you open the oven door, and the scent of fresh cinnamon buns fill your nose. You help your mom out by taking them off the pan, frosting them, and serving one on a plate to each of your family members. The show in the background registers as the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and with sofas full of loved ones and stomachs full of delicious cinnamon goodness, it’s a perfect morning.

Bundling up On the Bleachers

It’s Friday night and you’ve made your way to the stadium, all bundled up and ready to watch the game. The stands are full, but you manage to find a spot on the icy bleachers to sit next to your boyfriend. It’s a colder Fall night than most, but you don’t mind. The warmth of your boyfriend side right next to yours under your fuzzy blanket is making the night seem a little less cold. Your ears are filled with chatter, cheering, whistles blowing and players shouting. When the final whistle blows and the LED’s on the scoreboard read out a winning score for your team, your frozen blushed cheeks manage a smile and the night feels complete.

Those Are Some of My Favorite Fall Feelings

Comment down below what some of yours are. Also, did you like this kind of post over my usual ones? It’s a little more “Tumblr-y” than the others. If you did like it, these ones are pretty similar:

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Thanks for being lame with me!

❤, Teresa

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