Ask me anything, from my favorite song to something more personal, and I'll try to answer it here on my blog. My main goal here is to be real with you, as we're all just trying to be our (best) selves.

    (totally anonymous btw)

    (just keep it PG)

    (thanks <3)


    How Old Are You?

    I’m 20!

    Are You in College?

    Yes! I am a sophomore in college and I’m majoring in Information, Sciences & Technology with a focus in Website and Application Design and Development. In simpler terms: I’m learning to code and build websites.

    How Do You Balance School and Blogging?

    Simple: priorities. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do – both the blog and graduate college – so it’s something I’m going to do.

    Plus, I find blogging fun, so I look forward to writing posts, takings pictures, editing, traveling, meetings, etc.

    Why Did You Start a Blog?

    Short answer: I wanted to, so I did.

    Long answer: read my About Page.

    How Did You Set Up Your Blog? Did You Do it Yourself?

    Yes! I taught myself how to do everything for free online. It’s amazing what the internet can do nowadays. Furthermore, after my type-A extensive research and comparison of all my options, I went with a self-hosted WordPress blog. WordPress is user-friendly, secure, and looks the best.

    The reason for going with a self-hosted blog is because if I didn’t, my site would be, instead of I wanted more control over my site, my own domain name, and the ability to customize it to make it mine.

    What Kind of Hosting Do You Use?

    I use SiteGround for my hosting because after reviewing all the popular ones, this company was the clear choice. It has the best reviews, super reasonable prices, is legit, and can handle a lot of traffic (I don’t want my website to crash).

    Disclaimer: If you sign up for Siteground hosting using my link I will earn a small commission at zero additional cost to you. But it’s great, 10/10 recommend SiteGround.

    Moreover, their customer service is AMAZING. It’s 24/7 and not only do they fix the issue, but they explain it so you know how to prevent it or fix it if it happens again.

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