April Favorites 2018: Espadrilles, Beauty, Tech & More!

Teresa Barker April Favorites 2018

April Favorites 2018

Hey there, welcome to another favorties post: April Favorites 2018! A few weeks ago I wrote a Friday Favorites post and promised to post weekly about my favorites of the week… but then I realized I’m not a Kardashian who can go shopping that frequently. So I’m ditching Friday faves to do monthly faves instead.

Last time I did a “favorites” post I narrowed it down to a few categories, saying I’d rotate the categories each week. The same is going to stay pretty true with the monthly version, but eventually I’ll settle out to the ones I love writing about most & you love reading about the most, too! 🙂

April’s categories are: Clothes | Accessories | Beauty | Technology


I lump everything you can wear into the “clothes” category, and this month that means skirts & shoes!


Oh. My. God. am I obsessed with these shoes. I have been in love with espadrilles for a long time and been dying for a pair, but I just hadn’t found the ones yet. Until these beautiful babies. These were from Payless. These are the ones pictured below, but they also come in other colors like black and pink. Espadrilles have so many different styles, like these flats and these mauve wedges that I also loved, they just didn’t have my size in-store. </3

Teresa Barker Espadrilles

Teresa Barker Espadrilles


My second obsession is jean skirts!! I used to never be a skirt girl, but hear me out: in summer, it’s often too hot for jean pants. But we want pockets, so we wear jean shorts. You know what sucks about jean shorts though? The fact that we’re constantly fixing our front wedgies (sorry to any boys reading this). But ladies, you know I’m right!! That ish is uncomfortable!! So what’s a girl to do when she wants the denim look and also pockets? Two words: Jean Skirts.

Teresa Barker Jean Skirts

These are from Forever 21!

I got all of these skirts pictured from Forever 21, and the quality and length of them is perfect. I’m not trying to walk around with my booty cheeks out. Plus, these skirts are so affordable, I got two skirts the other day for $30. Like, yes please.





What’s life without some good accessories, you know?


Ever since I was an idiot and decided to cut my own side bangs a few months ago, I’ve been trying to disguise them. Which is why I’ve been really into headbands like these ones from American Eagle. Unfortunately, I can’t find the ones pictured below online, I found them in-store on clearance, but don’t worry! I found other really cute ones that are similar for you guys that I’m going to be getting soon! These are all from American Eagle and they’re all under $10! BET.





Teresa Barker American Eagle Headbands


I’ve been lugging around my gym stuff in a drawstring back for too long. I wanted more space and organization, so I got this Adidas gym bag! This one is medium-sized, and comes in other colors, too.

Teresa Barker Gym Bag

Tech Stuff 

If you’re into tech stuff already, than you’ll like these no matter what. If you think you aren’t into this sort of thing, trust me, it’s stuff you will want to use every single day.


This Belkin portable charger (pink, below) looks like an iPhone or iPhone case, but it’s actually a portable charger. It comes with a little wire so you can charge it up. Like any other portable charger, you use it by simply plugging in your phone. The reason why this charger is better than a lot of others, is because of it’s design. Not only is it sleek and fits easily into you bag, but it last a LONG TIME. You can charge your phone at least 3 full times with it. You can also charge 2 phones at once, so you and a friend can charge your phone to 100% while waiting together. This thing has gotten me through long car rides and through long days out and about. I’m bringing it with me to Paris in a few weeks, and that way my phone will be charged all day for pictures and contacting people. This is literally perfect for day trips, going to the beach, a concert, traveling, at a sports tournament all day, at school, wherever!

Teresa Barker Belkin

For size comparison. I have the iPhone 6S (don’t judge)

Teresa Barker Belkin

I know shorty and she doesn’t want no slow song

Teresa Barker Belkin

To keep mine protected & to carry it around, I keep it in this cute Vera Bradley bag. It fits perfectly.


Speaking of concerts and music, this Altec Lansing speaker is the best. This thing is PERFECT for playing music in the shower, beach trips, and anywhere else you’d need a speaker. This gets LOUD, and the bass is so so good. I play music pretty much every second I’m awake, so sound quality is important to me and this one gets a 10/10 for performance. If you’re wondering how waterproof it is, I’ve thrown it in the pool and it still works perfectly. I use it in the shower everyday and the sound is still perfect. Trust me, I was skeptical at first too, but this speaker is amazing.

Teresa Barker Portable Charger

For size comparison! This this is medium-sized but has a large sound.


This next month, I’m going to be doing a lot more beauty posts! Which is why this month’s beauty favorites are going to be kinda slim, because I’m saving the good stuff for later! 😉


At first I was like “I am not that extra… I don’t need hair perfume.” But then I realized a few things: 1. this So Gorgeous Hair Perfume (from Sally Beauty Supply) smells heavenly, 2. I’m obsessed with my hair as it is, and 3. it was less than $5. So of COURSE I had to get it. Besides spraying it in my hair, I also use it as a body mist because why not? Also, I keep it in my gym bag that I got (pictured earlier) to keep my bag and myself smelling fresh before & after my workout!

Teresa Barker Hair Perfume

Those are all of the favorites I have for this month! Let me know down below in the comments which ones are your favorites, and which ones you like hearing about the best! I always read & respond to your comments so don’t be shy! 🙂

Also, since today is my birthday, stay tuned for a bonus post later today too!

❤, Teresa


Hey there! April Favorites 2018 categories are: Clothes, Accessories, Beauty, Technology! Featured items are the trendiest espadrilles for summer, jean skirts that are cute & affordable, the BEST waterproof speaker for summer, and hair perfume?! Hey there! April Favorites 2018 categories are: Clothes, Accessories, Beauty, Technology! Featured items are the trendiest espadrilles for summer, jean skirts that are cute & affordable, the BEST waterproof speaker for summer, and hair perfume?!

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