5 Things We’re Bringing into 2018

A List of 5 Things We’re Bringing into 2018

  1. Taking care of ourselves

    In 2018 we’re drinking all the water, doing all the face masks, crushing all the goals, and making all the moves.

  2. Respect & empathy for others.

    There’s this large trend of being a “bad b*tch” does not mean being a jerk, or putting others down. A truly bad b*tch lifts up other women with her and helps everyone – including herself – to grow and glow.

  3. Good books

    Couldn’t tell you the last time I read a book because I wanted to, and not because I needed to skim it to pretend I know enough to write an essay. There are a lot of books on my reading list that I have been wanting to read and just haven’t because if it’s more than the length of a tweet my millennial brain just ????

  4. Net neutrality

    What is net neutrality? If you don’t know,
    “Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, of method of communication.” (Source)
    For example, if you like how Twitter and Google are free, you like net neutrality. Oh, and right now the FCC is trying to repeal it. More on that here. An example without net neutrality: Let’s say you have Comcast, and you want to watch Netflix. Well, Comcast owns part of Hulu (Netflix’s competitor), and since Comcast own’s Hulu and you have Comcast, they’re going to push you to use Hulu. Which means Netflix will likely cost you to just be able to access it (on top of the Netflix subscription), and Comcast can make Netflix run reaaaally slowly if they want to. Personally,that seems unfair to me. If this seems unfair to you too and you want to help save net neutrality, here’s how.

  5. Working on our goals

    My Big 3 goals I have for 2018 are to work on this whole blogging thing, get a 4.0 in college this semester, and force my introverted self to socialize more often. To work on that, I’m learning something new about having my website every day, I’m going to study and stay on top of my school work, and schedule into my day plans with friends & family.

Cheers to 2018!!

Much love,


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